Content marketing is perhaps the most important part of a business’s online marketing approach, but that doesn’t mean that content falls into a “one size fits all” category.  Especially when it comes to industrial business marketing, it’s important to know the type of content that works best for your purposes. Every niche has its own unique need when it comes to content.  The trick is to know exactly what your niche is, and just how to fulfill the content needs of your particular business. So, if you have been wondering how to create an industrial content marketing plan, you’ve come to the right place.


One tool to really spike the growth of your online presence is blogging.  By blogging the type of content that is specific to your business niche, you’re ensuring that your website will be found easily in popular search engines thanks to constant copy updates that contain valuable keywords and concepts.  It’s important to remember to use search engine optimized keywords and phrases that will capture the attention of those that see it. Admittedly, blogging can be time consuming and requires determination and constant fresh content, but the rewards are absolutely worth the effort.

Social Media

Blogging isn’t the only way to garner followers and clients online.  By using websites such as LinkedIn and Yelp you’re opening your business to a myriad of opportunities.  These sites offer immediate exposure and a much higher chance of gaining subscribers and/or followers. Many professionals use such sites to quickly find businesses and individuals that meet the criteria they’re looking for.  The information you post on these sites allows those that pursue your profile to get a quick yet accurate view of what your business is about, what your goals are, and the achievements you’ve collected up to this point.

Trade Publications

Media has always been and most likely will always be a popular way to get the word out about a business, and that fact is no less true when considering trade publications.  Any editorials or articles that showcase your business in a positive light, along with the correct use of SEO, gives your business almost instantaneous exposure. The more exposure your business has, the better your reputation will be.  This will also ensure that your lead generation will grow and prosper within your niche.

Press Release

Clients and customers like to know that they’re trusting the right business within the industry they’re researching or considering, and there may be no better way to do that than to showcase your business’s various achievements.  Press releases are a truly wonderful way of doing just that. A well written press release not only shows others what your business is capable of, but it helps build your business’s credibility. Another viable option is the posting of case studies within your website.  Case studies, much like press releases, showcase the achievements of your business. But, they also list all the facts and detailed information that shows proof of those achievements.

Using SEO and staying true to the niche that your industrial content refers to is an almost surefire way of garnering the online attention that you wish to capture.  Keep your content relevant, fresh, and posted regularly to keep the attention and interest of your followers. By doing this, you’re sure to see a spike in the growth of your online presence.



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