If you use social media to reach your core audience and show your online presence to its maximum potential, then it’s important to understand analytics.  Analytics can help you fully understand what your audience wants, what your audience thinks, and what your audience expects from your business. You can even use analytics to see which social media sites drive the most followers and/or subscribers to your business website.  But, it’s important to know exactly how to use such a tool. Explore these 3 ways to use analytics to evaluate your audience.

Step 1: Know Your Audience

By using sites that track the analytics of your users (such as Google Analytics), you can see exactly who your core audience is.  You can see the common gender, age, race, location, and various other traits that your users have in common. With this kind of knowledge, you can cater more specifically to the audience that seems most interested in your business.  These analytics can help you choose which social media sites bring the most traffic to your website, and can help you maximize that traffic by spending more time on delivering engaging content to that particular social media account.  

Step 2: Discover Which Social Media Accounts Drive The Most Traffic to Your Website

Google Analytics is a great way to do just that.  By using the Acquisition section of the site you can see just how many users were directed to your site through your social media accounts.  You can even look and see what time period is the most lucrative, which will allow you to fully take advantage of such an opportunity. By knowing your audience and knowing when they’re most likely to be online, you can strategically post content that will catch their attention and drive them to your website.

Step 3: Know How to Maximize Your Platforms

Each social media site is different, and users use them and react to posts differently than they would on other sites.  For instance, Twitter is all about making the most of the 140 characters you’re given. The content has to be straight to the point, engaging, and eye-catching.  Often, businesses will add a picture to their post, or add a shortened URL. Being descriptive and knowing SEO is vital to pack the punch you need to draw your audience in.  Other platforms, such as Facebook, give you more room to add longer content and multiple pictures and/or videos. By knowing your platform, you can maximize your online social media reach.  Also, it’s important to understand that it’s perfect acceptable to change your tactics as need be. The goal is to find what works best for your social media account, your business, and your audience.

With these three steps you ensure that your website will have maximum traffic driven from your various social media accounts.  Social media is a wonderful tool for any business marketing strategy, especially if it’s utilized correctly. The truth is simple: analytics don’t lie.



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