It’s not really a secret that blogs offer fresh, engaging content for websites all over the internet. What you might not realize is how important it is to getting noticed, indexed, and ranked by top search engines like Google, who are looking for signals from your business that you regularly offer educational and useful information to customers in your industry.

Unfortunately, many businesses miss the chance to use blogging as a productive and unique tool to reach their audience, clients, and customers. Blogging can be personal, technical, in house or outsourced, all depending on your business’s particular needs. So, just how does blogging spruce up your website and drive more attention to your business? Discover how blogging can be used as a secret weapon for local SEO!

Be a Valuable Resource of Information

When Google is determining the rank order of businesses for a particular service-related search term, it accounts for about 200 different signals. The algorithm considers things like local citations, how technically sound the site is, and whether it offers a continuous stream of useful, relevant information. That last item is why we place value in adding new blog articles to your site as often as possible.

The point of blogging on your website is to add new copy to the site, hopefully laden with relevant keywords and search phrases. The content should position you as an authority in your industry, offering educational resources to users and customers searching for these insights online. This search engine optimization tactic works well for global SEO, as well as local SEO– particularly if you’re writing about local concerns, places, and businesses.

Form a Relationship with Your Customer

Keeping your audience entertained and up to date on your business and your industry is a vital part of forming a close relationship of trust with them. If they see that you take the time to educate them regularly, they form a bond of trust with your business brand, which can eventually turn into a sales relationship.

Taking the opportunity to also discuss current events and trends on your blog will gain the attention of your clients, leaving them to want to read more. By forming such a relationship, you not only show your potential clients and customers that you care about their input and that your business is approachable, but you ensure that they will continue to follow your blogs, and possibly even subscribe. Captivate them with your expertise, answer their common questions, and eventually the industry will see your business as an authority worth consulting on the next job.

Connect With Bloggers

After forming a relationship with your audience, consider connecting with other bloggers as a way of networking. By connecting with other bloggers you show your audience that you’re tuned into the workings of your industry, and ideally position yourself as an authority therein. On a more personal note, a blog offers your website the unique opportunity to give your business a personal voice. A blog can promote your business, defend the business’s reputation, and even set the record straight publicly and on a personal level. By showing that your business is relatable and can still maintain its professionalism, you show your audience that you are a modern company that understands public relations on all levels.

Share on Social Media

Engaging a blog that truly represents the business is an ingenious way of building your social media presence and foundation. With the content you create on your blog, you can instantly create shareable content for your business’s various other social media sites. A link to your article can be posted on twitter with a short description tag, driving traffic to your site easily and effectively.  The same goes for Facebook, Twitter, and the various other social media sites found online. The content of your blog truly speaks as the voice of your website, and will act as a vital tool to forming a relationship with those that read it.

Blogging isn’t a new thing, but it’s important to remember that it’s a valuable and easily accessible tool.  With the right content and the proper use of SEO, blogging can be the perfect secret weapon to bring your local internet presence to the next level and set it apart from your competition.

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