The internet is an ever-growing tool, and is a useful resource for marketing your business and brand. A company’s website is the first digital impression left with viewers, so it is important to make sure it’s a good one! Your website should reflect your company’s branding, showing customers a clear view of your values and goals.

So, what makes a good website? Let’s dive into web design strategy, focusing on key points when it comes to creating a website.

Discover Your Branding

First, know exactly what kind of website you’d like to build. Knowing the ins and outs of your brand, company, service, cause, etc. allows you to create a site that is unique and effective.  It’s vital to have a solid idea and a firm foundation on which to build your website, so those that visit it have no doubts about what they’re seeing. Your branding should be reflected within the website at every turn, from font and color to messaging and graphics, as all of this builds your reputation with customers.

Think Design

When you know exactly what you want to create, it’s time to think design. Visually, your website needs to be inviting. Following your branding, ask yourself what theme are you seeking within the website? Bright colors are becoming more and more popular on trending websites, and unique pictures and images are extremely useful for capturing the user’s attention and setting your website apart from others like it. Whether your theme is relaxed and earthy or full of pop art, your website expresses who you are and what you stand for.

User Accessibility

After you’ve established the foundation that you wish to build your website on, it’s extremely important to consider accessibility. Will cell phone and tablet users be able to fully interact and navigate your site? Are the links and tabs of your website easy to understand and follow? It may seem like a simple thing, but with handheld devices always within arm’s reach, many prefer to simply pick up their phone or tablet instead of taking the time to use their laptop or desktop computer. Another thing to consider with the accessibility of your website is the loading speed.  If pages take far too long to load the chances are that users won’t stay on your site for long.

Appealing Content

Last but not least, original and interesting content are vital to keeping a user’s attention. The content within your site should be interesting, informative about your brand or cause, and memorable. It’s important to find the perfect balance of information without being too detailed.  Short yet engaging blogs and/or articles are a surefire way to get your message across without boring your audience or losing sight of what you’re trying to say. Keep the content unique, original, and true to the foundations on which your website is being built, and you’re sure to see a positive flow of users.

By following these steps, not only will you create a website that fulfills your mission of reaching out to the millions of people on that use the internet daily, but you’ll have a site that is one of a kind amongst the multitudes of similar websites out there.  By engaging your audience in a way that truly captures their attention you’re ensuring the growth of your brand or cause.


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