Improving your search engine rankings for high-value web traffic is an important cornerstone of any company’s digital marketing strategy. While SEO usually involves a heavy focus on keyword-rich pages on your site and backlinks from industry websites, today’s search algorithms use other Internet signals to determine how much authority (and visibility) a website should get. One of these signals is your social media activity. Maintaining a healthy, natural social media presence with plenty of user engagement and traffic flowing to key pages of your website is becoming one of the central pillars of a good search engine strategy.

Learn more about how to grow traffic and improve your search rank with social media by following this guide. 

Share Website Content

For starters, you should always be sharing your blog posts and important web pages to your social feed to encourage traffic to those posts and pages.  This is true of your most recent blog post as well as that perennial “evergreen” content that has always been a great description of your services. 

Be Aware of Word Count 

When it comes to social media captions, less is more. Research has proven Facebook posts with 40 or more characters experience a click through rate of 2-6 times lower than the average. Use short, strong sentences with no fluff when posting on social media platforms. 

Provide a Call to Action

When looking to increase your Facebook engagement, don’t leave it up to your audience to potentially share or comment on a post. Encourage them to interact! Consider using these call to action phrases on your next post:

  • Check out
  • Learn more
  • Tell us your favorite…(encouraging comments)
  • Browse our website

Include Keywords in Social Media Profiles

Although the links you share on social media do not count as a backlink, there are still ways to contribute SEO efforts into the platforms. Social media platforms are determined by the search results from keywords, which means bios and descriptions can be written with SEO in mind. Identify your top keywords and include them in headlines, descriptions, and links within the platform. 

Make Use of Hashtags

Incorporating keywords into a hashtag that is linked to your post increases the chance of your post being seen. A consumer might find your profile based on the hashtag, encouraging them to click on the post and directing them back to your business page. Next time you post on social media, research trending keywords to include in your posts and hashtags to help improve your search rank. 


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