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Online Reviews vs Word of Mouth: Which Has More Trust?

Supporting local businesses is a growing trend. One may be on the hunt for a tasty new breakfast spot, or perhaps in search of a well-trusted contractor to help finish the extra bathroom. Working directly with a local company often comes with more trust and compassion, as op...

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Tips to Increase Facebook Engagement for Business Pages

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to promoting your business. Taking advantage of this free concept of brand awareness will help you reach a wider audience in a fun, creative way. When sharing co...

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Strategic SEO Ranking Factors for Search Engine Optimization

As a Columbus SEO Company, we work with a large number of business clients to grow their brand visibility in search engines. We achieve these improvements in ranking and overall traffic by targeting relevant searc...

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How to Target Customers with Social Media Ads

Many businesses use social media as a simple, free, and user-friendly tool to reach their audience on a more personal level.  Social media is wonderful for creating and using SEO keywords and phrases, allowing your bus...

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How to Generate Leads From Your Website

Your website is a vital tool for drawing in customers and clients.  With millions of people online everyday, it's imperative that your website fully showcases who you are as a business.  But how do you generate the leads you need to make and Read More

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it can help make or break your business's online presence. If you plan to fully utilize social media, your website, and popular search engines, then it's imperative that you make yourself familiar with SEO. By knowing the keywor...

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3 Ways to Use Analytics to Evaluate Your Audience

If you use social media to reach your core audience and show your online presence to its maximum potential, then it's important to understand analytics.  Analytics can help you fully understand what your audience wants, what your audience thinks, and what your audience expe...

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How to Create an Industrial Content Marketing Plan

Content marketing is perhaps the most important part of a business's online marketing approach, but that doesn't mean that content falls into a "one size fits all" category.  Especially when it comes to industrial business marketing, it's important to know the type of conte...

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Protect Your Business Reputation with Social Media

It seems like everyone uses social media these days, and with that kind of exposure it's extremely important that your business builds the reputation that you want it to have.  A negative reputation can destroy a company's credibility, but a positive impact can lift you...

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Web Design Strategy: What Makes a Good Website?

The internet is an ever-growing tool, and is a useful resource for marketing your business and brand. A company's website is the first digital impression left with viewers, so it is important to make sure it’s a good one! Your website should reflect your company’s brandi...

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