Many businesses use social media as a simple, free, and user-friendly tool to reach their audience on a more personal level.  Social media is wonderful for creating and using SEO keywords and phrases, allowing your business’s clients and/or customers to reach out to you.  The content you post on your social media accounts ensures that you’re keeping your audience updated on the accomplishments and growth of your business.  But, social media offers something else to be desired for those that wish to use it to its fullest extent: paid advertising.

Social Media Ads

Through paid advertising, you have the opportunity to create ads that showcase your business in a way that you desire.  Each social media platform has its own way of allowing businesses to create and disperse their ads, but the end result is much the same.  With these ads you broaden your audience reach and have the unique opportunity to showcase the professionalism of your business itself. When an ad is done correctly, it not only draws the customer in visually but entices them to follow the links within.  With the correct use of SEO keywords, phrases, and relevant images, you’re creating a small but impressive ad campaign that can rival the traditional ad campaigns used outside of the internet.

Research Your Audience

First, however, you need to know your audience.  If you want to cater to a certain age group or people with a certain interest, it’s extremely important to use keywords and images that are going to be attractive to said audience.  If your business falls into a very specific industrial niche, then you need to be sure that your ad not only embraces that niche but celebrates it. Use imagery that catches the eye, and if you’re trying to draw in local customers be sure to prominently display the city with which your business resides.

Create a Budget

Once you know your audience, you need to consider the social media platform and the budget you can realistically keep to.  By knowing which of your social media accounts receive the most traffic, you can safely choose to use the largest part of your online advertising budget on that platform.  Analytics are a great way of knowing your audience, will help you greatly in deciding on how to not only create your budget, but how to disperse it accordingly. You want to drive traffic to your website and your business, and to do that you need to know your audience well.

With your ad campaigns decided upon and created, it’s up to you to keep track of the traffic they generate.  If the traffic is less than you desire, you may want to reconsider your content or even switch your platform.  If the ads do well, then you may want to consider a more extensive ad campaign that not only runs longer, but contains content that is even more engaging than the content before it.  Once you find the perfect online ad campaign formula that works for your business, the sky’s the limit.


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