Increased growth for your company comes with plenty of challenges, especially in promoting the business and brand through effective marketing campaigns and wisely spent ad dollars. Having a competent marketing team can help streamline your company’s sales and marketing goals for a fraction of the cost of hiring it in-house. With the help of a reliable agency, a company can dig its claws deeper into the latest and most efficient marketing strategies and stay competitive in the constantly changing landscape of digital media and consumer attention.

Do I Need a Digital Marketing Agency?

Are you trying to rank in a Google search for your products? Tried running Facebook ads with limited success? Not sure what the difference is between a story and a reel? Let’s face it; there’s a lot to know and understand about today’s tech landscape.

Savvy modern businesses are moving rapidly into digital platforms to get their message out to the consumer. Afterall, with a phone in every pocket, having a remarkable digital footprint is one of the keys to a successful brand.

But digital marketing encompasses a wide range of activities across devices, from search engine optimization, email marketing, and blogging to paid advertising and social media campaigns. There are a lot of avenues and strategies for getting results in the digital marketplace and most businesses just don’t have the knowledge or resources to keep up with all of these marketing demands on their own.

That’s where the help comes in.

Businesses in a growth phase wisely utilize the services of a digital marketing agency like Signal Interactive to harness practical online marketing tools, resources, and strategies that they would not otherwise be able to generate in-house. Apart from being cost-effective, highly efficient, and adaptable, a marketing team offers a well of expertise and experience.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options online, or have trouble finding the time or talent to execute on your big ad campaign, you should consider a quick consultation with an experienced digital marketing agent to see if the expertise they bring to the table is worth it to your company’s growth, sales, brand reputation, and bottom line.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital marketing involves talking to your customers and prospects about your products and services using digital content channels. It uses various digital tools or platforms to promote products and services in the media streams your customers are using daily.

Some tools used in digital marketing include websites, mobile apps, emails, texts, search engines, industry forums, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social platforms. Digital marketing uses the same core principles embraced by traditional marketing– that of a consistent brand message, engaging campaigns, and impressive creative media– but on the little black screen we all carry around in our pockets.

A digital marketing agency comprises experts with professional experience in various Internet niches, from writers and designers to analysts and coders. The team helps create relevant and successful marketing campaigns based on data and analytics about your consumers. We work with companies to pinpoint the overall objective, determine the most effective channels for reaching their audience, and craft the appropriate media campaign to carry the message.

Digital marketing agencies target a wide variety of services based on the needs of their clients.

For instance, Signal offers the following digital marketing services to our clients:

As you can see from this brief list, there’s a lot that goes into telling your brand story on the web. Every company that deploys a digital marketing program needs to have an efficient and flexible marketing strategy to guide the production process. Critical aspects of digital marketing, like content development, keyword research, and social media interactions, should be focused toward the same goal in order to be effective.

Digital marketing agencies use specialized tools to maximize the results from marketing campaigns and avoid wasting time on activities that don’t produce results. For that reason, and many others, having a knowledgeable digital marketing team can save you endless time and money.

Working with a Digital Marketing Agency, Your Marketing Team: Working with a Digital Marketing Agency, Signal Interactive

The Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

The knowledge and expertise of a digital marketing agency is a crucial competitive edge for a small to medium sized business – especially if that company is trying to increase sales or grow market share. So, what are the benefits of hiring a reliable digital marketing agency to handle your ad campaigns and promotion strategies?

Creation of Efficient Strategies

There’s a lot you can do on the Internet – but what will actually move the needle for your business? At Signal, we work closely with our business clients to fully understand each company’s core objectives and help them determine the best course of action to deliver those results. We then curate marketing strategies and content that is most relevant and useful to reaching the intended goals, be that increasing sales and profit or growing brand awareness and audience size.

Identification of Target Market

The first step to any successful digital marketing campaign is identifying who it is you’re talking to. Understanding the buyer persona and demographics will give a clear insight into their purchasing preferences and behavior. This informs the content we produce and the platforms we inhabit, and our team will use this information to create a more personalized digital engagement with the target market.

Creation of Customer-Specific Online Content

Not everyone consumes content in the same way, and people at different stages of the buying journey need different forms of information. Marketing firms like Signal have content strategists and developers researching specific industries and trends all the time to identify the right message at the right time. Adequate understanding of your readers’ content preferences helps us create relevant and updated content that moves them along the buying journey toward the sale. A professional agency will help you create content that personally resonates with your readers and informs them about your products and services in ways that inspire conversion.

Catapulting your Return on Investment (ROI)

We get clients all the time who have had poor experiences with other digital marketing firms. Usually we hear something like “They were doing a lot of stuff… but I didn’t think it was working.” Part of our job is to make sure that our marketing activities are moving people toward the end goal at each stage of the process. At the end of the day, your marketing is trying to make you money. A competent digital agency can help you maximize your ROI on the marketing activities so that it makes sense to continue investing in it.

Increase your Digital Footprint

Digital marketing agencies are living and breathing the web all day long, so we know the best tools and resources to boost your online ranking and expand brand awareness across the socialsphere. From publishing evergreen content to getting in the inbox of the right people, a savvy digital team helps companies build a large footprint online, increasing the opportunities for consumers to engage with your brand and take steps toward becoming a loyal customer.

Cost-Effective and Time-Sensitive

A digital marketing agency saves you the trouble of hiring a team of digital marketing experts in-house by assembling a superstar team of webheads that know their area of the Internet. It’s time consuming finding the right people and even more time-consuming to train an effective digital marketing team, especially if you’re not a savvy digital marketing expert yourself. Hiring a digital marketing company will save you from all this trouble because we’ve done the legwork to find and train the right people, stay updated on the latest trends and most effective tactics, and we invest in professional grade software tools that help us perform at the top of the market.

When is the Perfect Time to Higher a Digital Marketing Agency?

At a certain point in your business career, it makes sense to take care of some of the online media channels yourself. If you’re small and just starting out you may have the time and resources to reply to reviews, run Facebook ads, and send promotional emails.

But there is always a time when you just can’t keep up with the many duties of running a business. That’s when it’s time to seek professionals who can take your marketing to the next level, and get it off your plate.

Digital marketing agencies offer an extensive catalog of services which can be customized depending on your needs. If you are dealing with challenges in every digital marketing step or aren’t exactly sure where to focus your efforts, it’s best to look for a digital marketing agency who can be more agile and efficient in covering the bases. Additionally, the agency will help your team focus more on their own roles by reducing some of the tasks they handle related to digital marketing.

Business owners can hire digital marketing agencies to provide specific services. You don’t need to use SEO or email marketing if it’s not aligned with the company’s objective and needs. You can opt out of the services which seem redundant and won’t generate value for your company.

You can hire a digital marketing agency to review and analyze the existing digital marketing practices and strategies you have in your company. The agency will then recommend the best practices and changes to ensure you achieve increased sales and profits.

types of digital marketing agencies

Types of Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies are categorized based on the services they provide. Some digital agencies provide specific digital marketing services and specialties, from content creation and email marketing to SEO and SEM. Other agencies– like Signal– offer a more well-rounded approach that covers all the bases with experts from every field, offering you a one-stop-shop for your needs.

Below are some of the most popular types of digital marketing agencies available:

Publicity Firms

PR Firms are the best agencies for companies that want to increase their digital footprint and get buzz from their target industry. The agencies utilize various digital tools and resources to ensure a brand is getting traction in social streams and talked about in the right places online. These companies focus on giving the brand maximum digital media coverage and creating a positive online image for the public. Consider this type of partner for creating buzz and managing a positive reputation.

Web Design Shops

One of the oldest forms of digital marketing is creating that initial website for the world to find you online. Web Design firms are a great option for businesses that want to create a more engaging and interactive website for their customers. They will design an informative website based on the business needs and objectives, and make it visually appealing to today’s web users. Web Design specialists are great at building complex site functionality and mobile apps, but usually lack a stellar marketing team that can run effective campaigns across other channels.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agencies

The primary role of SEO agencies is to ensure your website shows up on the first page of search results when people are looking for your products and services. Search engines are the primary source of information for most people, and having top spot rankings is critical for every business. SEO agencies will perform frequent monitoring and tracking to ensure the website has a high ranking for target keywords related to your business. The content provided and curated by SEO firms will be relevant and informative to the readers, designed to answer the needs of their search query. SEO specialists usually focus solely on search traffic, leaving social media and other ad campaigns aside.

Digital Advertising Agencies

In a world of pop-up ads, banner ads, pre-roll ads, sponsored posts, and catchy redirects, a digital advertising agency focuses primarily on creating and running digital advertisements for companies across various media channels. They come up with the trendiest, latest, and most relevant ad placements that will catch the attention of your target market. These agencies also help develop the advertisements’ most effective “Call to Action.”
Ad agencies usually aren’t concerned with your SEO or social reputation, they are just buying media attention and funneling traffic to your website or sales page. It’s important to work with a savvy ad expert in the digital space because there are so many different options for buying media and clicks, you want to get the best bang for your buck.

Email Marketing Agencies

Email is still one of the most popular digital communication tools and despite the spam filters, can be incredibly effective at moving product and pushing sales. Unfortunately, email marketing is time consuming and can create a negative rapport with your potential clients without the correct strategy. Email marketing agencies create the best email marketing drafts and recommend the best practices to increase open rates and get more engagement from your customers. These agencies have in-depth knowledge and experience on the various platforms and channels to achieve effective email marketing.

Full Service Digital Marketing Partnerships

If you put all of the above together, you get a full service digital marketing agency like Signal Interactive. We combine web design, SEO, PR, advertising, email, and more to function as your company’s entire marketing team. With experts from every field of internet marketing, a full service agency like Signal has the best bird’s eye view of the marketing landscape and can help you focus your entire strategy toward the goal of increasing your revenue and reputation over time.

choosing an advertising agency

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Many digital marketing agencies are offering various digital marketing products and services. But you only need one digital marketing agency that will provide you with the complete package tailored toward your growth. The following tips will help you pick your business’s best digital marketing company.

The Qualities of a Good Digital Marketing Agency

Does the agency have experience and in-depth knowledge of its area of expertise? It would be best to look at their industry experience length, the products and services offered, and how long their contracts last. What are their rates, and do they have testimonials from previous clients? Collect as much information as possible about the agency. The information will determine whether their qualities align with your needs and objectives.

State Your Expectations

Stating your expectations to a digital marketing agency will help in determining whether they are a good fit for your company or not. Be clear about your goals and the unacceptable factors. When you state your expectations, you have to avoid any future misunderstandings or differences in how everything is being handled.

Communication and Transparency

The marketing department is the main backbone of every company and hence needs frequent and transparent communication. The agency needs to communicate clearly and transparently with your marketing team and ensure they continue executing their duties effectively. Timely and effective communication is paramount while encouraging frequent feedback from the company and agency. When communicating with the digital agency, it’s key to remain clear and precise and eliminate any room for confusion or assumption.


Digital marketing requires immense flexibility and adaptability. Digital trends change frequently, and companies must hastily adapt their marketing strategies to keep up with them. The best digital marketing industry will continuously update the latest market trends and among your competitors. They will also have the tools to ensure they speedily adapt to any change in the market. Being open to new experiences and practices will help the agency and company achieve the optimum results from digital marketing practices.

So, is it Time to Hire an Agency?

Digital marketing agencies like Signal Interactive can help companies achieve tremendous marketing success and increase sales and revenue. We implement various digital marketing resources and tools to achieve the marketing goals. Tracking the efficiency of a digital marketing agency is easy. Analytics and data collected from the various digital platforms will show whether the practices implemented by the agency are working or not. Digital marketing has become more extensive due to increased internet access and technological advancements. With the best digital marketing agency, you can develop the best marketing strategy that will be cost-effective, result driven, and less time-consuming.

If you want to boost your digital footprint and attract more traffic to your online platform, your best shot is to speak with one of our experienced professionals here at Signal. Our team has in-depth knowledge, expertise, and professional experience in scaling up businesses through digital marketing. We’d love to help you grow!

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