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how much does a website cost in 2016

How Much Does a Website Cost?

A quality website that draws and converts online traffic is one of the most important marketing assets a business can have.  However, the web...

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Wendy’s Nuggets Spur New Retweet Record

Step aside Ellen DeGeneres, your retweet record has been broken by about 2,000 tweets and counting! A teen from Nevada tweeted Wendy’s in early...

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Signal Interactive

How Small Businesses Can Leverage Digital Marketing

So you’ve been following Signal’s blog and loving our tweets and you think you might have a crush on us (we get it), which...

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digital marketing success

Grow Your Digital Presence in 5 Steps

The Internet is exploding with business opportunities and new platforms for brands and content.  There are countless ways for businesses and creative people to...

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Meet Facebook’s New Marketplace Feature

Facebook’s new Marketplace feature is a bold new step in e-commerce, bringing the peer-to-peer trade model popularized by Craigslist and eBay to the world’s...

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website redesign columbus

The 6 Phases of a Website Redesign

Creative standards change frequently in the world of website design.  There’s always a new way to engage and interact with online content and we...

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What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is Evolving.  That’s kind of our motto here at Signal.  Every day we’re finding new ways to innovate and reach customers with an...

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hiring a marketing agency columbus ohio

Why hire a Marketing Agency Rather than an In-House Generalist

Taking your business to the web and marketing across all of today’s digital channels can be a daunting process for modern business owners.  It’s...

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every company is a media company

Your Company is a Media Company (Even if it’s Not)

The Internet runs on content.  Or media, to use the old school term.  It’s what we spend more than 8 hours a day consuming...

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good product photography

The Secret to Good Product Photography

In the burgeoning world of e-commerce, it’s getting pretty competitive. The major difference between a successful online store and an unsuccessful one largely depends...

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