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Digital Brand Marketing for a Medical Marijuana Grower

The emerging market for medical marijuana is very restricted, especially in Ohio where Wellspring Fields emerged among a small group of the first legal cannabis grower-processors in the state.  The brand faced some unique challenges regarding brand marketing and local advertising, and Signal was glad to help the founders cultivate a consumer-focused brand, while careful to comply with stringent state regulations.

Since normal digital advertising is limited for cannabis companies, the trick to promoting product is organic content marketing that educates consumers. Search-friendly blog articles and shareable social media content tell a story that is ethical and informative.

There’s always a way to tell the story of medicinal treatment with cannabis — you just have to get creative!


 An Engaging Web Presence
An Engaging Web Presence

We built Wellspring Fields a user-friendly website that showcases their products and philosophy, while telling the story of a family-operated company in the health & wellness business.

 Educational Social Media Content
Educational Social Media Content

By establishing Wellspring Fields as a resource for honest information about medicinal cannabis and Ohio’s emerging programs, we helped them attract thousands of patients to their digital platforms where they opted in for promotional updates.

 Industry Knowledge and Community Sensitivity
Industry Knowledge and Community Sensitivity

Wellspring Fields has established a reputable cannabis brand thanks to careful planning, honest educational information, and carefully managed relationships with oversight bodies and community standards.

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